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This page covers local services and shops, plus some generally useful information for living in Winfrith Newburgh.

We have tried to include emergency information for the benefit of residents, visitors and newcomers alike.


In an emergency telephone 999.

For non-emergency contact telephone 101 or (01202) 22 22 22 or (01305) 22 22 22


Locally, we are covered by the Wareham West Safer Neighbourhood Team: you can see who the police officers and police support officers covering us are on the Dorset Police website. 


If you need an ambulance for an emergency, you should ring 999.

Tel: 01392 261500

The ambulance service is governed by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, Abbey Court, Eagle Way, Exeter, Devon EX2 7HY.


In an emergency you should ring 999.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue.

Wareham Fire Station, Worgret Road, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4PL

Wareham is a retained fire station – i.e. the fire officers have other employment, but are on call for fires.


In an emergency you should ring 999.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency works to prevent the loss of life on the coast and at sea, as well as producing legislation and guidance on maritime matters and certification to seafarers.
Coastguard at MCA HQ, Spring Place, 105 Commercial Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 1EG


Tel: (02380) 329486 (office Hours)


There is a private dentist in Wool. Wareham has both a private dentist and one which will take NHS patients.

For emergency treatment if you are not locally registered at a dental practice, call the NHS emergency and urgent Care number 111. This is a service line open all day, every day.


The Wellbridge Practice in Wool (four miles from Winfrith) provides medical cover for parishioners in Winfrith Newburgh and East Knighton.

Wellbridge Practice Wool Surgery, Meadow Lane, Wool, Dorset BH20 6DR.

Tel: (01929) 462376



Up to date timetables can be found on the Dorset For You (Dorset Council) website under TRAVEL.


There are two layers of councils covering Winfrith. The top layer is Dorset  Council, and the most local one is Winfrith and East Knighton Parish Council.


Dorset Council covers Education, Social Services, Police, Fire, Highways, Footpaths, Transportation, Libraries, Refuse Disposal, Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths, Trading Standards, Housing, Refuse Collection, Environmental Health, Council Tax Collection, Planning, Street Cleaning, Licensing, and Improvement Grants.


County Hall, Colliton Park, Dorchester, DT1 1XJ.


Tel: (01305) 221000


There are libraries run by Dorset Council in Crossways, Wareham and Dorchester. You can search the Dorset Libraries’ catalogue, renew books and reserve books online. 



There have been floods in Winfrith in the past – the last serious one was probably 1993 – but work on the river has made this very unusual.We have a local Flood Plan Jan 2016

Our Flood Warden is Brenda Mustoe (01305) 852009.

Information about flooding risk in general and flood warnings when it’s been raining a lot, are published on the Environmental Agency website. See also: River Win, Water Supply (further down this page).


 If you suspect a gas leak or unsafe gas equipment, call the National Gas Emergency Number on (0800) 111 999.


There is a hairdresser in the village, next to the shop. The next nearest is in Wool.

The website link is for local hairdressers in or near Winfrith Newburgh in the Thompson Local online.



There is a part-time library run by volunteers in Wool, with its own website. 


Part of the reason Winfrith is such a lovely village is because building and alterations to buildings and trees are strictly controlled.


Winfrith is within an Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a Conservation Area, so controls are tighter here than in many places.


The power supply to the village is by Southern Electricity, now known as SSE (the link to SSE's website is above). There is one power line coming in from the direction of the main road, and another from the other end of the village, so it’s quite usual for one end of the village to have power when they other hasn’t.

The telephone number to report a power cut is now the same everywhere: dial 105


Yes, we think it’s a bit over-the-top calling the Win a river, but that’s its official name. It goes up very quickly when we have a lot of rain, but goes down equally quickly once the rain has stopped.

If you own a property which borders on the Win, you have certain responsibilities as what is termed a “riparian owner” – the Environment Agency have a leaflet on it which you can click on the website link above or, download here


Winfrith’s rubbish is collected on Fridays. Ordinary rubbish and recycling are on alternate weeks (i.e. each is collected fortnightly) but food waste is collected weekly.


There is a charged garden waste collection service. Each house has been provided with separate bins for rubbish, recycling and food waste, though if you are in a situation where wheelie bins are difficult (e.g. you live in the middle of a terrace) your property may be provided with bags.


For full infomation including dates of collections including over bank holidays see the website link above.


The First Schools in Winfrith and West Lulworth amalgamated some years ago to form the Lulworth & Winfrith C of E First School, now serving 4-11 year olds.Graded “outstanding” by Ofsted in 2011 and 'Good' by Ofsted in 2017.

School Lane, Winfrith Newburgh, Dorset DT2 8JL

Tel: (01929) 400330

There is a privately managed Pre-school on the Winfrith site that takes children from the age of 2.5 years and also one associated with the school based at the nearby Lulworth Army Camp.


Tel: (01305) 851877



We have a superb, award-winning village shop and post office, so please use it. It’s in the middle of the village and open every day of the week including Sunday mornings.



There are Tourist Information Bureau in both Wareham and Dorchester.


Wool is on the main line between London Waterloo and Weymouth. The rail service is operated by South Western Railway.


South Western Railway customer service centre: (0345) 6000 650, open 06:00 to 22:00 daily.


Winfrith is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so you cannot remove or reduce any trees about a certain size without obtaining permission from Purbeck District Council a minimum of six weeks before the work.


There is a Medivet Practice just outside of Winfrith, on the way to Wool.


For emergency vetinary care call (01202) 382 843.


The water coming out of your taps is probably coming to you courtesy of Wessex Water.  

If you see a water leak or burst pipe in the road, on a pavement or any other place, you can call Wessex Water on

0800 6920692 or go to their website.

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