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Winfrith 1

Stone taken off the church roof, dated 1680. The two men named are thought to be craftsmen who worked on the building.

Winfrith 2

St Christopher's Church

Winfrith 3

History Walk - August 2018

Winfrith 4

Plant Sale 2018

Winfrith 5

Fascinating brick and stone on the end of Cobweb Cottage.

Winfrith 6

Shop window Craft Group display 2017 - Lyn and Jill

Winfrith 7

From the far end: Tudor Cottage, Tranquility Cottage, Per Cerival and Cobblers Cottage.

Winfrith 8

Marjorie isn't going to let the mice get her cake.

Winfrith 9

View towards the Village Stores and Post Office

Winfrith 0

Plant Sale 2018

Winfrith 11

An old privy, which had a pig sty next door

Winfrith 12

Craft Fair 2017

Winfrith 13

Chris and Rhiannon - don't worry, the village isn't dangerous, this was filming for the panto in 2004

Winfrith 4

Winfrith House

Winfrith 15

The 'River' Win

Winfrith 16

Village Stores Window

Winfrith 17

Jill presenting the Village Quiz cup to the captain of the winning team

Winfrith 18

High Street, Winfrith

Winfrith 19

Road safety banner designed by the children of the village

Winfrith 20

Entrance to Pigeon Close

Winfrith 21

Village Hall early in its refurbishment in 2016

Winfrith 22

The Olympic torch going through the village in 2012

Winfrith 23

St Christophers in the snow

Winfrith 24


Winfrith 25

The Village Hall in the stages of the refurbishment in 2016

Winfrith 26

Marching Band going through the village 2005

Winfrith 27

Milton Cottage

Winfrith 28

The Craft Group 2016

Winfrith 29

Jan, Clive, Renee and Sue

Winfrith 30

Leon keeping the church clock ticking

Winfrith 31

Corner of St Christophers Church

Winfrith 32

Rosa and Anthony

Winfrith 33

Village Hall in the process of being refurbished 2016

Winfrith 34

Donations to the Village Hall always welcome

Winfrith 35

Gravestone in St Christopher's graveyard

Winfrith 36

High Street

Winfrith 37

Lis and Jenny serving at the Big Lunch

Winfrith 38

Thatching in progress

Winfrith 39

Garden in the village

Winfrith 40

Outside the church

Winfrith 41

Open Gardens 2014

Winfrith 42

Kiwi (John) varnishing the bench outside the church

Winfrith 43

Village Hal AGM

Winfrith 44

View from the church tower

Winfrith 45

View from the church tower

Winfrith 46

Plant sale in aid of Butterfly Conservation

Winfrith 47

The new kitchen in the Village Hall 2016

Winfrith 48

Panto 2008 - Butch Casserole and the sunburned kid

Winfrith 49

High Street

Winfrith 50

St Christopher's Church

Winfrith 51

Sunset over the village

Winfrith 52

Village Hall Trustees at the re-opening of the refurbishmed village hall 2016

Winfrith 53

The Manor House in the snow

Winfrith 54

Sheila and Pauline

Winfrith 55

High Street in the snow

Winfrith 56

Three resident ladies

Winfrith 57

Having a good time at the Big Lunch

Winfrith 58

High Street opposite the Village Stores

Winfrith 59

Richard and Colin

Winfrith 60

Pat and Vanessa making bunting

Winfrith 61

Pat and Penny

Winfrith 62


Winfrith 63

Lyn and the Sealy's

Winfrith 64

John working hard at a community Big Lunch

Winfrith 65

John and Charles

Winfrith 66

Gary and Peter

Winfrith 67

Des doing the honours at a thank you party for village volunteers

Winfrith 68

They said they were cleaning the Village Hall chairs, though its doesn't much look like it.

Winfrith 69

Jill keeping the contestants guessing at the Village Quiz

Winfrith 70

Village Quiz team thinking hard

Winfrith 71

The competition for the prestigious cup is always tense

Winfrith 72

Craft Farm 2016

Winfrith 73

Re-opening of village hall after major refurbishment 2016

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