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If there is one place most visitors to Dorset have heard of before they arrive it is Lulworth cove, and it is only three miles from Winfrith Newburgh.

To get there drive through the village and bear left at the church, then follow the road for two miles. At the top of the road overlooking the cove is the access to Durdle Door, a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic coast and one of the most recognisable landscape features in the country.


There is limited roadside parking here, or else you can park (charged) in the Durdle Door Holiday Park on the way down to the coast. The walk down to Durdle Door and then the shingle beach beside it is steep, and the area is prone to coastal erosion.


To get to Lulworth Cove, continue to drive down the road into West Lulworth village and bear right to the Cove, where there is a Visitor’s Centre and a large car park. From here it is a short walk down a narrow road to the Cove itself. Lulworth Cove is a spectacular natural feature created some 10,000 years ago and is one of the jewels of the Jurassic coast, England’s first natural World Heritage Site.

From the Lulworth car park there is a path that leads up Hambury Tout hill and down to Durdle Door – walking it will help you appreciate why this area is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). There are plenty of places to eat at Lulworth Cove.

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